Going beyond the status quo, the experts at DHL Consulting are diving deep into the topics and innovations that will change business operations in the future. Why? To help DHL Group and its customers around the world to benefit from technological advancements that make life and work easier.

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Warehouse Transformation: DHL Consulting is exploring how new technologies like Digital Twin can best support warehouse operations in the future.

Mission and Vision: Get more than what you see

From short-term operational optimization to a long-term, tangible vision for the future of operations – check out below how DHL Consulting is taking a human–digital and multifunctional approach to business across all industries.

You have access to concepts that bring digital technologies and robotics into warehouses, working hand in hand with humans to achieve the highest efficiency.

You benefit from our vast experience and best practices on how to set up and run all kinds of logistics functions – from last mile delivery to customs operations.

You enjoy enhanced organizational structures, processes, tools, and systems, and can rest assured that we know the challenges you and your customers face.

You profit from our collaboration with innovation and operations departments across DHL Group to leverage existing expertise.

Networked: If your interest has been piqued with our ideas on AI and robotics, let us know! We’re happy to see how we can take your operations further.

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DHL Innovation Centers: Where potential is taken further

The only way to prepare for the future is to interact with it today. At the DHL Innovation Centers, you can experience the latest trends and solutions in logistics close-up and personal: data analytics, AI, robotics, voice-assisted technology, and IoT, to name just a few. With workshops for defining a future vision, innovation events and activities, you can take your business potential further.

Innovation Cases: Transforming business the innovative way

We have lots to say about the future of operations with robotics and artificial intelligence, about digitalization in the workplace and more. Read our blog articles today!

  • DHL workers standing in front of a whiteboard

    Voice Assistant Technology in Logistics an Opportunity for Optimization

    According to Microsoft, three-quarters of all U.S. households are expected to own a voice-enabled smart speaker in 2022. But what is the full potential of VA tech for industry? Can this type of innovative human-machine interaction help companies increase their…

  • DHL worker with manual in hands

    Frontline Workforce Management, Part Three – Effective Onboarding

    In this edition of our series on the frontline workforce, we are focusing on the onboarding process and how you can effectively get new hires set for success in your company. The helpful tips and best practices we provide aim…

  • DHL worker packaging boxes

    Frontline Workforce Management, Part Two – Successful Recruiting

    In this edition of our series on the frontline workforce, we will take a closer look at how you can successfully recruit the people who make the difference in order to meet the high market demands of today. Given the…

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