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There’s no standing still at DHL Consulting. Here is where you have excellent training and career opportunities. Our transparent promotion scheme, our personal mentors, and our career support measures help you reach your ambitious goals. Whatever they are.

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Be Your Best: Did you know that we have a history of developing high potentials who later join upper management? In fact, many executive managers at DHL Group started their careers with us.

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International Experience: Experience the world …

… both on international assignments and in your local office. As a consultant or data scientist in Europe, the Americas or Asia-Pacific, you’ll gain invaluable experience working on international projects and take on the skills needed for cultural competence. Through Deutsche Post DHL Group’s global reach and involvement in nearly every business sector, you’ll have many opportunities to unlock your potential and take your career further.

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Future Leaders: Reach new heights

You’ll find the right environment for growth at DHL Consulting. Working with us gives you the opportunity to interact regularly with stakeholders, build relationships with clients, and build up your expertise on specialized topics. Your skill set, extensive network, and deep business understanding all help you on your way to a leadership position.

Start Your Career: Be part of a dynamic and diverse team. DHL Consulting is always looking for ambitious individuals.

Current job offers

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Our Career Blog: One-of-a-kind moments

Your career at DHL Consulting goes beyond offering you international experiences and growth opportunities – it gives you memorable moments that last a lifetime. Find out more in our Career Blog.

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  • From Germany to Florida: A Journey of Creativity and Career Growth

    Yeonsoo hasn’t always lived in Miami. In fact, she only made the decision to transfer to DHL Consulting’s Florida office in 2021 after working in our Bonn headquarters for a couple of years. By joining our new Explore career program,…

  • Launch Your Career with an Elevate Internship

    Do you want to send your management consulting skills soaring sky high? And would you like to increase your chances of landing a going places career in a thriving and exciting industry? Then you should raise your consulting game... and…

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