Women in Leadership: GLASS CEILING? WHAT’S THAT?

There are no limits to what you can do, where you can go, and how far you can take your career and development at DHL Consulting. We focus on gender equality and on supporting women in going further up their career ladder.

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Strong Numbers: A female future – today


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Guide Your Career: By taking ownership of your career, you can make a difference not only for yourself, but for future generations of women in the workforce.

Calling All Women: Take up a career at DHL Consulting and show that it’s also a woman’s world.

Become a Woman in Leadership

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Culture and Diversity: The basis for betterment

By cultivating an open-minded culture of mutual respect and appreciation, we are creating the basis for all employees to own their career. For every nationality, for every background, and for every gender. We encourage you to live up to your potential while supporting you all along the way.

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Women at DHL Consulting: A female perspective

Nancy, Shreya, Gina, … they are all women role models at DHL Consulting. They share their stories on how they found the support they needed to develop their expertise and skills and to grab opportunities for taking on responsibility that makes a difference.

Meet our female role models

Insights Blog: Get to know us better

Gain insights into what we do and how we do it – giving you a better picture of who we are and how you can possibly take your career further at DHL Consulting.

  • DHL Group’s Human Rights Commitment

    DHL Consulting recently helped DHL Group review and revise its existing human rights due diligence process to make the Group best-in-class at managing human rights risks.

  • The Future is Looking Bright for Reusable E-Commerce Packaging

    The future is sustainable – and to achieve this, sustainability must start today. Taking another step in this direction is DHL Consulting and WWF-Singapore. They got together to conduct a reusable packaging pilot project for e-commerce – and the findings…

  • parked dhl electric vehicle truck

    The Logical Road to the Future of Electric Vehicles

    Demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is accelerating globally. The EV battery is at the heart of this transition to decarbonization. Find out how the logistics of electric vehicle batteries can be adapted to precisely cater to growth in your market.

SABINEXT: A great role model for women

Our CEO, Sabine Mueller, is a passionate advocate of women in leadership positions. Sabine has her own blog where she discusses various topics, such as breaking through unconscious bias and exploring today’s new leadership mindset. Meet Sabine and feel free to share your thoughts as well.


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