Because we foster a culture of respect and appreciation of the unique characteristics of each individual, our people are supported in living up to their full potential. Diversity at DHL Consulting enriches the team experience, its performance, and the overall quality of our solutions – and it makes for more fun on the job.

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Individuality First: For every cultural, socioeconomic, geographical, and academic background. For different perspectives, sexual orientations, heritages, and life experiences. We foster diverse individuals.

Diversity in the Workplace: Valuing Differences

Diversity is a source of great ideas. Which is why our people are from many cultural backgrounds and have different working styles. This enables us to find solutions in a more productive way and test them across more dimensions.

We not only seek people who are smart, but who also enrich our perspective and our team as a whole.

Diverse groups foster a tolerant, open, and creative atmosphere – which is what you find at DHL Consulting.

Our unique work in teams is rooted in an emphasis on collaboration, fresh ideas and personal growth.

A highly collaborative working style focuses on respect and appreciation for each member’s unique characteristics.

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Culture & Values: The Bigger Picture

Team diversity is just one element of our culture of respect and appreciation at DHL Consulting. Not only for diverse colleagues from various nationalities with different perspectives, but also young talents and experienced professionals alike. We believe that everyone can make a valuable contribution and their own individual impact.

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Our Advisors: Everyone Has a Special Contribution to Make

These are just a few of our people and colleagues making a difference not only for clients, but for themselves and each other, too.

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Start Your Career: Diversity starts with you! Apply with us today and experience teamwork like never before.

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Insights Blog: Read it to Believe it

Diversity is written large at DHL Consulting – the proof is in the collaborative teams, our joint success, and personal stories. Read all about it in our blog articles.

  • DHL Group’s Human Rights Commitment

    DHL Consulting recently helped DHL Group review and revise its existing human rights due diligence process to make the Group best-in-class at managing human rights risks.

  • The Future is Looking Bright for Reusable E-Commerce Packaging

    The future is sustainable – and to achieve this, sustainability must start today. Taking another step in this direction is DHL Consulting and WWF-Singapore. They got together to conduct a reusable packaging pilot project for e-commerce – and the findings…

  • parked dhl electric vehicle truck

    The Logical Road to the Future of Electric Vehicles

    Demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is accelerating globally. The EV battery is at the heart of this transition to decarbonization. Find out how the logistics of electric vehicle batteries can be adapted to precisely cater to growth in your market.

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