Women have a unique way of working and add a new perspective to any project. We respect and foster this. By working mainly in teams, acknowledging ideas and collaborating in an open-minded way, as well as taking a closer look at the purpose of our projects for a successful outcome.

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Strong Numbers: A female future – today

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Work-Life Flexibility: Working and having a social or family life are both important. Which is why you have flexible work models, the option to travel less, the chance to take a sabbatical, part-time programs, and more.

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Woman with white blouse and Ipad in arm smiles at camera
woman working in pink box office on laptop
Woman with white turtleneck sweater and golden necklace smiling at camera
One woman shows something on laptop to another woman
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Female Inclusion: Special initiatives for more inclusion

DHL Consulting has had a female CEO since 2010 – proving that we take female leadership seriously. Mentoring programs by female leaders within the company, female partners as role models, tailored trainings, and return programs after taking leave … these are just a few initiatives that we have implemented to support more female inclusion in our teams and projects.

Meet Our Women: Strong, successful women making a difference

Behind every successful woman is a diverse and respectful team as well as encouragement and support from DHL Consulting. But don’t just take our word for it. We’ll stop talking now and let our female colleagues speak for themselves:

  • How Konsta is expanding his consulting horizons

    Konsta Laitinen has always had a passion for travel and loves immersing himself in different cultures. He’s lived for a time in Russia, the UK and Germany — although he has a soft spot for his native Finland. “It’s safe…

  • From Germany to Florida: A Journey of Creativity and Career Growth

    Yeonsoo hasn’t always lived in Miami. In fact, she only made the decision to transfer to DHL Consulting’s Florida office in 2021 after working in our Bonn headquarters for a couple of years. By joining our new Explore career program,…

  • Beste’s Fast-Moving Career in Consulting

    Beste Şen has always found visiting new countries a thrilling experience. She thinks she was bitten by the travel bug when she was studying for an industrial engineering degree at Istanbul’s Özyeğin University in her home country of Turkey.

  • Why Jamie’s Consulting Career is Going Places

    Saying that Singapore-born Jamie Yeo ‘is open to new experiences and loves to travel’ is something of an understatement. Normally based at DHL Consulting’s office in Singapore, Jamie is currently on a two-year exchange to DHLC’s Bonn headquarters —…

  • How Role Model Alessandra Keeps a Work-Life Balance

    By her own admission, Alessandra Esteves — Associate Partner at DHL Consulting in Bonn —loves to talk and connect with people. She’s also the sort of person who commits 100% to everything she does. “I tend to speak really fast!”…

  • How Ellen is Perfecting the Art of Consulting

    According to the ‘left-brain versus right-brain’ theory of psychology, people can either be quantitative and analytical or creative and intuitive — but they can’t be both. Yet Ellen Saleck, a Senior Consultant from DHL Consulting’s Bonn office, is living proof…

  • Why Consulting is a Major Change for Meixi

    By the time you read this, Meixi Guo will have finished her eight-week Elevate internship at DHL Consulting’s headquarters in Bonn. Meixi became involved with Elevate — an initiative designed specifically for women — as part of her two-year MBA…

  • Laura’s Recipe for Career Success

    Prior to starting her bachelor’s degree, Laura Galvez didn’t know what a consultant was. But that all changed when, during her studies, she began an internship with a global mining company in Montreal, Canada. “I was on a rotational…

  • Nancy leaning on the site of a bridge

    Why Nancy Loves Working in a Diverse team

    Nancy Xiaowen Jiang loves being a ‘team player’ — both in her professional life and in her personal life. The clues are fairly obvious. For instance, outside of work, she’s part of an a cappella singing group. “I’ve always…

  • Woman standing in front of kiosk with coffee to go in hand

    Monika’s Unquenchable Curiosity

    As part of her dual study program bachelor’s degree in Business (Retail Management), Monika worked as an intern across the business functions of a multinational IT company; then, after graduation, she stayed on with the organization to work in IT…

  • Gina standing in a park smiling at the camera

    Senior Consultant Gina on Exploring a Career in Consulting

    Gina is a DHL Consulting alumna who after a successful career with DHL Consulting transitioned into the role of Senior Expert - Employee Feedback at DHL Group. For Senior Consultant Gina Dahmann, variety is the spice of life. After…

  • Swati stands in a park and smiles at the camera

    Consultant. Mom. Superstar. How Flexible Work Helps Swati Succeed

    Swati Jain, Associate Partner at DHL Consulting, describes herself as “a data-driven problem solver”, “a business strategist” and “a team leader.” Yet she has one other crucial role, too. She’s a mom. At work, you can find Swati…

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Become a Woman in Leadership

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Women in Leadership: A new leadership landscape

More and more companies are coming to realize that women can contribute a unique perspective and special characteristics to leadership positions. We support this by empowering women to break the glass ceiling and pursue a career higher up the ladder.

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