You’ve noticed it: The workplace is evolving. And all industries are affected. With the insights and consulting services from the experts at DHL Consulting, you can make your workforce – and ultimately your company – fit for the way we are working today and will be working tomorrow.

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Changing Workforce: Changing demographics, competition in the labor market, and the digital transformation are inevitable, but we can embrace these changes to shape hybrid and flexible ways of working and collaborating.

Workforce Consulting: Four topics for the future

When it comes to the future of work, we focus on four key topics to keep the workforces for DHL Group and a variety of clients ready for tomorrow.

You’ll tap into new ways of working – flexible, agile, in hybrid environments – which are required already today to meet the changing needs of the market, clients, and employees.

You’ll benefit from the unique experience of the Group when it comes to the frontline workforce, especially for the logistics industry, focusing on flexibility and empowerment.

You’ll work with us to focus on social, mental, and physical health and well-being – exploring the drivers of well-being and bringing together individual with team needs.

You’ll dive deeply into the world of digital talent, upskilling your team and positioning your company to attract and retain talent in today’s highly competitive human resources market.

Connected: The time to is now! Actively shape the future of work with active management, open communication, and novel approaches.

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Trend Report: Future of Work in Logistics

There’s no stopping progress. So if you can’t beat it – join it. Discover the three forces of change for supply chains, insights into shifting demographics, ways to prepare for the future, and more.

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Digital Innovation Center: A vision and mission

We not only have a vision for the future of work, we also put this vision to the test. At our Digital Innovation Center. It is here where you can explore the real-life possibilities of the digital future for both your workforce and your workplace by participating in workshops and events.

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Insights Blog: Labor without the labor

Read our insightful blog articles to find out more about the impact of the digital transformation on the workplace. And get helpful ideas on how you can manage the transition for your own company.

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