With the world focused on decarbonization, sustainability is imperative to remaining in the game. Which is why our experts balance your business needs with regulatory requirements to guide you in the right direction, supporting you along the entire path to eco-friendlier operations.

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Decarbonization Roadmap: Our consulting services always keep sustainability in mind – with the aim to set up a roadmap for companies on their path towards decarbonization.

Practical Tips from Our Decarbonization Compass: Start Your Journey to Sustainability

The Decarbonization Compass, designed by DHL Group, is a hands-on tool that guides your company toward decarbonizing its supply chain. It identifies key carbon reduction strategies based on your current maturity level, delivering a customized decarbonization plan in just three minutes!

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Management Consulting Sustainability: Your business – ready for the future

With a focus on the success of your business in the long term, together with global regulations and societal demands, we alleviate the complexity of going sustainable.

Start with our expert analysis and benchmarking of your current operations to create the foundation for sustainable change in the long run.

Consider the different options to support your decision-making, with measurements taking into account the various factors that play a role.

Take a look at which measures make sense for operational change, focusing on efficiency, less consumption, reduced waste.

See how you can utilize existing assets in a more effective way, making the most of your resources and previous investments.

Sustainability for Businesses: What’s your sustainability strategy? Let’s create a roadmap together.

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Positive Impact: A change for the better

As part of DHL Group, we at DHL Consulting also focus on our own sustainability goals and how we can contribute to “Connecting People. Improving Lives.” Energy-efficient warehouses, water-saving facilities, research on sustainable packaging – these are just a few ways that we are making a change for the better.

Insights Blog: The more insights, the better

We have more to share with you. Like our thoughts and experiences centered around sustainability, management consulting and more. Read our blog articles.

  • The Future is Looking Bright for Reusable E-Commerce Packaging

    The future is sustainable – and to achieve this, sustainability must start today. Taking another step in this direction is DHL Consulting and WWF-Singapore. They got together to conduct a reusable packaging pilot project for e-commerce – and the findings…

  • parked dhl electric vehicle truck

    The Logical Road to the Future of Electric Vehicles

    Demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is accelerating globally. The EV battery is at the heart of this transition to decarbonization. Find out how the logistics of electric vehicle batteries can be adapted to precisely cater to growth in your market.

  • Hands at Parcel Delivery

    Exploring the Benefits and Trade-offs of Sustainable Packaging

    We recently conducted a research project on sustainable packaging which found that waste reduction, along with CO2 reduction, is a major key performance indicator (KPI) for many companies trying to improve sustainability. Discover what potential packaging solutions are out there…

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