With expert data analytics at DHL Consulting, we tackle the challenges that DHL Group is experiencing today – and those they never even knew they had. Our ultimate aim being the ability to make the right decisions at any point in time and to set the Group up to be fit for the future.

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Machine Learning Supply Chain Optimization: Data science and machine learning can take the effective management and optimization of the supply chain to new heights.

Solution Design: The what, why, and how of analytics

A clear approach to data-driven decision-making makes for more efficient problem-solving. Check out these four different approaches to data analytics for finding and implementing business solutions:

We take a close look at what the business problem is by using descriptive analytics, which creates transparency of the situation.

To gain insights into the business problem and answer the question as to “why” it exists, we conduct thorough diagnostic analytics.

Predictive analytics makes predictions about the future performance of business solutions based on data science and machine learning.

Determining the best course of action or strategy involves prescriptive analytics, with random testing, learning and optimization.

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Insights Blog: Learning through the machine

Gain insights and learn more about how data science, machine learning, and AI are revolutionizing DHL Group when it comes to managing supply chains and staff.

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    How Predictive Analytics Improves Last Mile Delivery

    Data analytics takes the wait out of waiting. For the past couple of months, DHL Consulting has been involved in the creation of a new digital live tracking tool, which harnesses the power of predictive analytics to make life easier…

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    You Have the Data. It’s What You Do With It That Counts.

    Recently, DHL Consulting worked with DHL Supply Chain to develop a data-driven analytics solution that improves decision-making and reduces risk. It was so effective, it helped DHL Consulting win a finalist award at the prestigious WirtschaftsWoche Best of Consulting Awards.

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