Supply Chain Process Management

For robust, responsive & cost-effective processes


Our service Supply Chain Process Management translates corporate strategy into executable transportation and warehouse processes, and streamlines order and cash cycles.

Approach to Supply Chain Process Management


DHL Consulting ensures the input and buy-in of all key stakeholders: individuals and teams representing the supply chain, operations, finance, and strategy functions. We refer to best-in-class performance benchmarks across industries and leverage DHL’s global logistics knowledge and expertise. We develop standardized, repeatable processes that facilitate operational visibility. In addition, we incorporate state-of-the-art technology and leverage digitization and disruption in the logistics industry to recommend a future-proofed supply chain. Our recommendations include definition of core KPIs and continuous improvement initiatives, helping you to achieve operational excellence.


Typically, our customers secure logistics cost reduction with streamlined order-to-cash cycles while maintaining or improving customer service levels. Other key benefits of this service include stable, controlled processes supported by detailed SOPs, as well as greater efficiency and fewer errors by optimizing resource requirements and IT integration. In addition, this service supports your sustainability goals by enabling environment-friendly transport and storage solutions.

Agile, responsive logistics for rapid business growth

A high-end fashion retailer aimed to enhance its logistics capability in Southeast Asia to handle predicted double-digit business growth to 2020. DHL Consulting provided key recommendations on warehouse location, size and design as well as secondary distribution optimization, providing end-to-end visibility and cost benchmarking, ‘to-be’ process definition, and KPI identification for performance management. This service enabled the customer to increase overall logistics efficiency, making the supply chain fit-for-purpose to target a ~220% volume growth till 2020.


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