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    Digitalizing Supply Chains in a Post-COVID World

    In the months since Covid-19 reared its head, it is an understatement to say that changes have been far-reaching. The reality from more than 12 months ago does not appear to be coming back any time soon – if ever…

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    Frontline Workforce Management, Part One – People Make the Difference

    Recent headlines like “No fuel in UK because of driver shortage” or “blue-collar crisis threatens our way of life” make it very clear that the people at the frontline are a strategic necessity for your business and that we have…

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    Exploring the Benefits and Trade-offs of Sustainable Packaging

    We recently conducted a research project on sustainable packaging which found that waste reduction, along with CO2 reduction, is a major key performance indicator (KPI) for many companies trying to improve sustainability. Discover what potential packaging solutions are out there…

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    Successfully Coping with Peak Season: Seven Best Practices

    Many companies have faced unparalleled peak seasons in the past year. Effectively handling your peak season—whether predictable or unforeseen—will set you apart. With these seven best practices, your company will be ready for the busiest time of the year.

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    How Predictive Analytics Improves Last Mile Delivery

    Data analytics takes the wait out of waiting. For the past couple of months, DHL Consulting has been involved in the creation of a new digital live tracking tool, which harnesses the power of predictive analytics to make life easier…

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    You Have the Data. It’s What You Do With It That Counts.

    Recently, DHL Consulting worked with DHL Supply Chain to develop a data-driven analytics solution that improves decision-making and reduces risk. It was so effective, it helped DHL Consulting win a finalist award at the prestigious WirtschaftsWoche Best of Consulting Awards.

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