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Within our consulting service portfolio, DHL Consulting has a dedicated set of services on supply chain consulting which we offer to clients outside of Deutsche Post and DHL. We not only focus on solving supply chain and logistics challenges, we also use our vast industry expertise, knowledge, tools, experience and skills to work together with you – evolving your supply chain into a strategic asset.

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From supply chain to strategic asset

The trend toward globalized sourcing and delivery affects nearly every industry, placing complex demands on supply chains for greater agility and sustainability, shorter lead times, and lower costs.

DHL Consulting is an independent supply chain consultancy within Deutsche Post DHL Group, one of the world’s largest logistics providers. The vast experience of our supply chain consultants in logistics means we also know how to transform a supply chain into a strategic lever that empowers business growth, manages costs and flexibly adapts to changing business demands and goals.

Our clients benefit from our rigorous analytical methods, unparalleled industry knowledge and proven strategic consulting skills. You will also gain competitive advantage through a customized solution that we develop in close collaboration with you. Our goal is your goal – to enhance your company’s performance.

Supply Chain Consulting Services

DHL Consulting provides a broad range of Supply Chain Consulting Services to businesses in all industries, transforming challenges into tangible improvement opportunities, including:

  • Supply chain health check – Using state-of-the-art analytics, we run proven diagnostic tests on your supply chain, to discover and measure key areas for improvement.

  • Sourcing and distribution strategy – We assess your entire sourcing and distribution network, to then develop a customized strategy for effectively overcoming your business challenges.

  • Strategic network design – We assist you in reducing the cost of implementing your strategy by designing a network optimization plan for business goals.

  • Supply chain set-up and governance – By effectively leveraging the strategic network design plan, we assist you in setting up a lean governance model to ensure on-target delivery.

Industry-specific expertise

Context is important when analyzing a supply chain. In some industries, specific industry knowledge is critical to understanding particular demands on the supply chain.

So, in addition to a broad range of general supply chain knowledge, DHL Consulting also boasts specialized expertise in supply chain optimization for companies operating in the following industry sectors:

  • Life Sciences & Healthcare

  • Oil & Energy

  • Automotive

  • Engineering & Manufacturing

  • Consumer & Retail

  • Technology


For more information on the individual sectors, please visit the section Your Industry.


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