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Check out the videos below to meet some colleagues who can give you personal insight into DHL Consulting. We’re proud of all our employees’ success stories – and we’d love to add yours.

In the warehouse, I was able to see how the business was conducted. I really had the chance to see how my slides and daily work became alive.


Project Manager, Bonn

Origin: Germany
Education: Business Administration & Management

4:34 Min.

Your routine is never boring.


Consultant, Miami

Origin: Brazil
Education: Chemical Engineering

3:01 Min.

Generating impact is an important motivator for me. Seeing our recommendations getting implemented by our clients is very rewarding.


Project Manager, Bonn

Origin: Turkey
Education: Industrial Engineering & MBA

3:34 Min.

I will always remember my three month project in Cairo - A truly rewarding experience, both professionally and personally.


Project Manager, Bonn

Origin: Germany
Education: Business Administration & Technology Management

4:33 Min.

Every time I start a new project, I feel like I start a new job.


Senior Consultant, Bonn

Origin: Germany
Education: Business Administration & Supply Chain Management

4:12 Min.

Looking back over my 3.5 years at DHL Consulting, I ask myself if I would do it all over again, and the answer is: absolutely.


Associate Partner, Singapore

Origin: India
Education: Computer Engineering & MBA

2:43 Min.

I received a lot of support from DHL Consulting while coming to Germany. And also our colleagues and young environment helped me to accommodate fast to my new hometown.


Senior Consultant, Miami

Origin: Romania
Education: Political Sciences & Business Administration Strategy

3:55 Min.

The responsibility that we get at a very early stage in our careers is something very unique that I really embrace.


Head of DHL Consulting Asia Pacific, Singapore

Origin: The Netherlands
Education: Urban Planner & MBA

1:49 Min.

What makes DHL Consulting special for me is the broad range of projects, the passion and the people.


Executive Vice President & Global Head of DHL Consulting, Bonn

Listen to the EVP speak about the vision of DHL Consulting.

2:14 Min.

We’re looking for bright people from all over the world.


Head of HR and COO of DHL Consulting, Bonn

Listen to the Head of HR explain what kind of employees DHL Consulting is looking for.

2:12 Min.

Being a Personal Developer is a privilege. Giving direction and advice is something that is very much based on trust and the creation of an open atmosphere. And this is just part of our culture.


Partner, Bonn

Origin: Germany
Education: Business Administration

3:10 Min.

You can really push the boundaries and get plenty of support from the Partners to do so.


Associate Partner, Miami

Origin: Canada
Education: Computer Engineering & MBA

2:14 Min.

After the project I was talking to managers involved in the program, I was amazed to see how enthusiastic they were talking about the ideas that I once wrote down on a piece of paper.


Senior Consultant, Bonn

Origin: Germany
Education: Business Information Systems & Management

3:31 Min.

Alumni stories

We have a history of developing high potentials who later join Deutsche Post DHL Group in management positions. Listen how DHL Consulting prepared our alumni for their current roles. 

There is a lot of focus on communication - what are the best ways to communicate new message, how can you best talk to different stakeholders.


DHL Freight - Vice President Non-Terminal Based Operations

Former position with DHL Consulting:
Associate Partner

3:12 Min.

There is a strong infrastructure build around developing yourself - with the purpose to make you ready to become an executive at DPDHL Group


DHL Supply Chain - Vice President, Head of Global Operations Excellence

Former position with DHL Consulting:
Project Manager

2:50 Min.

Thank you DHL Consulting, for 12 great years.


Deutsche Post DHL Group Corporate Center - Vice President Group Talent & Leadership

Former position with DHL Consulting:
Project Manager & Head of HR

3:45 Min.

Having a booster in terms experience and skills continues to help me in my current role at DHL Parcel.


DHL Parcel Europe - Team Leader Product Strategy Countries

Former position with DHL Consulting:
Project Manager

3:40 Min.

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