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To help you make an informed decision about starting your career with DHL Consulting, we give you our Career Blog focusing on the ins and outs of working in our diverse team. From consulting careers to our company culture to women in the workforce – there’s a lot of insightful information to convince you.

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    CEMS Corporate Partner, Practical Experience With a Real Company

    As a student, Felix Nahlen was assigned to CEMS Corporate Partner DHL Consulting for four months as part of his prestigious CEMS Master in International Management qualification. Now working full-time for the company, he looks back at this crucial opportunity…

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    Cultural Change Managers Without Walls

    At DHL Consulting, managers have given up their offices to make a big, positive cultural change and help build a culture of trust that has energized the workforce.

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    Why Associate Partner Alena is Motivated to Make an Impact

    Alena is a DHL Consulting alumna and former Associate Partner who after five years with DHL Consulting took on the role of Senior Director Strategic Programs at DHL Supply Chain. Alena Shevchenko was happy in her home city of…

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    Digital Collaboration Tools – All Together Now!

    To produce first-class work, you need greater cross-office collaboration. But how can you collaborate successfully in a modern, flexible office where team members sit in different locations? That was the challenge facing DHL Consulting – and the solution was to…

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Our CEO, Sabine Mueller, has her own blog where she gives you interesting expert insights and personal stories about herself, the industry and life at DHL Consulting. Find out what she has to say and feel free to share your own thoughts as well.


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