Supply Chain Strategy

Alignment of Supply Chain & Business Strategy

With our service „Supply Chain Strategy“ customers receive an implementable strategic roadmap for the end-to-end supply chain that supports and grows their overall business. A clear supply chain strategy aligns key cost and service metrics, considers changes in the business environment and offers tangible next steps to reach the targets. At the bottom line, the right supply chain strategy will decide on your success to fulfill logistics promises to your customers.

From as-is to your strategic roadmap

In today's volatile and increasingly digital global business environment, companies have to make frequent changes. Business strategy is continuously evolving yet many companies fail to correctly balance in parallel the metrics of cost and service in the end-to-end supply chain. DHL Consulting helps customers achieve this essential strategic alignment. Our approach is to set clear strategic priorities for the supply chain and undertake segmentation of products and customers to relevant distribution channels. As a next step, we define supply chain targets and activities, assess ‘as-is’ and required capabilities to achieve these, and finally reflect all necessary tasks in a comprehensive implementation roadmap.


Customers use this service as a proactive enabler to support and grow their overall business. With the right supply chain strategy, companies are able to fulfill logistics promises to customers. Our service allows you to weigh cost/benefit trade-offs across the end-to-end supply chain, and consider issues of key importance such as supply chain priorities and product and/or customer segmentation. DHL Consulting tailors service levels to meet your specific needs and those of your customers. We also shed light on any capability gaps that must be addressed to realize your supply chain strategy.

Furniture retailer optimizes logistics for online sales

A European furniture retailer came to DHL Consulting with no clear online sales strategy at corporate or country level, nor any experience in setting up logistics for online sales. Working with this company, we developed a last-mile delivery framework to define options and facilitate strategic discussions. Next, our team undertook supply chain segmentation according to parcel type and product size.

With this information, we were able to present eight realistic scenarios for establishing online sales logistics, including a total warehouse-to-consumer cost analysis and identifying key levers to reduce costs per parcel in each case. The customer was particularly interested in the most cost-effective scenario as well as the lowest-investment scenario, and appreciated the new transparency on major drivers for costs per shipment. Today, this retailer is enabled to replicate the analysis across other countries of operation.


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