Supply Chain Health Check

Visualize & Understand the Supply Chain

Our service Supply Chain Health Check yields to give you transparency of the end-to-end supply chain setup and visibility of current performance levers. Detecting key cost drivers enables us to provide you with tangible recommendations to optimize costs and service levels.

End-to-end supply chain transparency

Many companies need to get visibility of their end-to-end supply chain to gain deeper understanding of how supply chains can support business objectives. Fundamental to this analysis is access to a complete and accurate set of data. Clients working with DHL Consulting are assured of a collaborative culture that works with you to ensure data accuracy and completeness for project planning and execution. We offer you easy access to various KPIs for benchmarking and financial information for modeling (for example, transport and warehousing rates). On your behalf, we approach and interview your stakeholders in multiple departments about pain points and priorities, and complement these qualitative inputs with site visits to see firsthand your facilities and processes. In addition, we ensure realistic project timelines.


With a DHL Consulting Supply Chain Health Check, you gain full transparency of the end-to-end supply chain setup and key cost drivers, enabling discussion on how to optimize costs and service levels. We help you to identify efficiency gaps, synergies, and potential savings. Often customers discover this service enables identification and implementation of improvement levers which strengthen their overall logistics capability.

Know your setup & Performance

Customers who benefit most from this service tend to have limited transparency and understanding of current supply chain performance. We assess the ‘as-is’ supply chain setup including strengths and key improvement areas. We also identify the total cost baseline. As a next step, we conduct a maturity assessment along key supply chain levers, and identify opportunities for optimization and cost savings. Ultimately, we propose tangible areas for improvement, giving you clear visibility of current performance along with our actionable recommendations.


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