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Embracing change in the new normal


Unprecedented change and seismic shifts in the energy and chemicals industry continue to challenge oil and gas companies. Leveraging logistics can help to optimize cost, grow businesses and reach strategic goals.

The new normal for oil and gas companies

This sector has experienced unprecedented change and seismic shifts as companies continue to operate in a "low oil for longer" environment. In this new normal, upstream oil and gas companies are establishing strategic partnerships with logistics service providers to achieve cost optimization and innovation; downstream companies are leveraging logistics for growth, especially in developing markets; and chemicals organizations are seeking to transform their supply chains. Additional sector challenges and opportunities include exciting developments in renewable energy, the call for zero emissions, increasing HSSE requirements, and heightened M&A activity. The global reach and the political, economic and social impact of the sector will continue to keep it relevant.

Supply chain optimization for successful post-merger integration

After a merger announcement, one of DHL Consulting’s customers was eager to identify substantial synergies in the supply chain of both organizations with the aim of maximizing gains from this merger.

Following strict compliance guidelines, our team undertook a comprehensive review taking an in-depth look at the logistics strategy, supply chain priorities, and current logistics footprint of the merged entity.

We defined key efficiency opportunities and areas of focus during the post-merger planning period and subsequently the integration phase. This project concluded with a risk assessment and a detailed implementation roadmap.

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