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A supply chain must be analyzed in the context of its industry and the specific requirements of the goods handled. To cater to his need, our consultants have acquired specialist expertise in optimizing the supply chains of companies in the following industries.

Life Science & Health Care

Ensuring healthy logistics

Healthcare companies must identify ways to deliver better value for patients, ensure innovation and reduce the cost and complexity of operating systems.

DHL Consulting combines supply chain consulting expertise, tools and methods with knowledge of the life science and health care sector in order to help companies solve their supply chain challenges, and support supply chain transformations.

Oil & Energy

Leveraging the logistic pipeline

With the world population on the rise, demand for energy is ever increasing. Energy is a vital resource that fuels global trade, technological progress and infrastructural development in emerging markets. Basically, it is needed to maintain functional infrastructures in all societies.

Energy and oil manufacturers operate in a tough environment. Due to the scarcity of resources, a range of stakeholder groups are highly concerned with the type and form of extraction. Furthermore, prices are subject to constant fluctuation.

With our expertise in energy and oil projects, we can help you to assess supply chain performance based on your most important parameters, as well as detect weaknesses and opportunities for improvement which ultimately turn your oil and energy supply chain into a strategic lever.


Driving the change

Our automotive supply chain consultants combine their consulting expertise with experience in the automotive sector. They can help companies operating in an industry which has benefited from near constant global growth for over a century, but faces big challenges today.

One challenge lies in a rapid shift of global demand to emerging markets. The industry also needs to meet changing consumer expectations and stay on top of new technologies, such as the “connected car”. These challenges can stress any supply chain – and put the timely delivery of goods at risk.

DHL Consulting can help you design a supply chain that fits your company’s needs in in terms of growth targets, geographical focus, proximity to component suppliers and customer demand-optimized production.

Engineering & Manufacturing

Building strong supply chains

Powered by our vast supply chain experience and the latest insight of the world’s leading logistics provider, we deliver innovative and readily implementable improvements to companies in the engineering and manufacturing industry.

It’s an industry where companies face a diverse array of challenges within their supply chains.

Our project support ranges from inventory management, forecast accuracy and service level performance, to cash flow management and cost reduction.

Consumer, Retail & Technology

Demand and growth-focused supply chains

Shifts in consumer trends and technologies put pressure on supply chains in the consumer, retail and technology sectors. The record-breaking rise in online and mobile shopping places high demands on supply chains to increase capacity, improve lead times and expand geographical coverage.

Supply chains in the consumer, retail and technology sectors need to operate at lowest possible cost while still maintaining short lead times and ensuring the flexibility to adapt to the next trend. With our expert team, we identify key sector trends and develop methodologies and solutions that meet customer needs.

By assessing your specialized supply chain, market context, forecasts and production, DHL Consulting can design implementable recommendations tailored to your supply chain’s specific industry needs.


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