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Supply chain consulting in practice
Supply Chain Consulting Case Studies

A strategic lever for success

Unlocking the hidden potential of the supply chain: DHL Consulting connects you with unrivalled logistical experience and expertise. Business strategy is continuously evolving yet many companies fail to correctly balance strategy, setup, governance and performance of their end-to-end supply chain. The following case studies offer practical examples of successful implementation of our supply chain consulting services.

Case - Consumer Electronics
Performing better for less

DHL Consulting identified improvements that enhanced a consumer electronics company’s ability to meet market demands while decreasing its cost.

Case - Contract Logistics
Setting best practice standards

DHL Consulting worked closely together with the business unit DHL Supply Chain to successfully implement an industry leading model of best practices and …

Case - E-Commerce
Transforming the business

DHL Consulting helped a major Chinese appliance manufacturer move beyond product manufacturing into e-commerce and selling self-branded products.