Succeeding at omni-channel retailing takes different forms yet ultimately boils down to striking the right balance between fulfilling growing customer expectations and following market trends, without losing sight of profitability.


DHL Consulting seeks to understand customer strategy and omni-channel supply chain objectives. We evaluate your journey so far and assess your genuine values; this enables us to focus on aspects of service that make a real difference. Collaborating with your commercial, supply chain, and operational teams, we develop or revise the targeted service offering. Together we define assortment strategy per channel, develop delivery and return options, and determine capability requirements, including IT. In addition, for multiple scenarios we estimate potential supply chain costs. Full network design can follow, as well as developing an implementation roadmap.

There is no one answer – or single blueprint – to the challenges of the omni-channel retail supply chain. However, retailers and their logistics service providers have come a long way, turning this from a margin-eroding to a profit-generating undertaking. Leveraging DHL Consulting’s extensive experience, retailers can master the supply chain transformational change process – from strategy articulation to process definition and decision enablement – using our well-established and credible strategic frameworks. The ultimate goal is omni-channel retailing that works both for retailers and for consumers.


For a furniture retailer with strong growth in online sales but no clearly defined omni-channel offering, DHL Consulting took a four-step approach. First, the team reviewed and segmented the product offering in line with supply chain priorities. Next, it assessed per segment all customer expectations and industry norms. Then the team defined per segment the delivery and return options, and undertook a logistics cost comparison of multiple supply chain setup scenarios. Through this process the customer obtained a business case for an implementable omni-channel offering aligned with business strategy and customer expectations.


Over the years, I have held various positions in strategy, corporate organization, and consulting. Today with my team at DHL Consulting, I am passionate about guiding global logistics leaders, their organizations and their customers to resolve challenges in logistics and the supply chain. None of us can ignore the extreme transformation occurring in this field – leaders must rethink ways of doing business. Digitalization, big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, IoT, drones, blockchain, and the circular economy are right now redefining the supply chain and logistics ecosystem.

Alongside my logistics career, I am committed to the advancement of women in executive roles as a fundamental requirement for business success. I believe better decisions result from encouraging diversity in C-level perspectives and leadership styles. I support female leaders to succeed and promote greater diversity in management teams.

I have been dedicated to the logistics sector for close to two decades. I joined Deutsche Post DHL Group as a business graduate and quickly learned how much more is involved than trucks, warehouses, shipping containers and stacks of brown boxes! Logistics and the supply chain are characterized by complexity, dynamism, and innovation.

Sabine Müller, CEO DHL Consulting, Executive Vice President

I am always interested to hear other people’s point of view. Please join the conversation on my blog, where I provide my personal views on future trends in logistics and the supply chain, and on women in leadership and talent management.


CEO DHL Consulting, Executive Vice President