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Taking an individual approach to supply chain optimization

Succeeding in re-designing the supply chains of Life Sciences and Health Care companies requires three major capabilities: a very deep understanding of the sector specifics, being on top of industry-affecting trends and a significant experience to tailor a customized solution that builds on successful benchmarks.

Life Sciences & Health Care

Powerful consulting in Life Sciences and Healthcare (LSH) requires a full understanding of sector-specific requirements (for example, cold chain, regulations, GxP, and more) as well as trends affecting current business realities (for example, digitalization, shifting disease patterns, better informed patients, “batch size one”, e-commerce, and more). And powerful consulting on LSH logistics and the supply chain also demands knowledge of benchmarking, best practices, optimization levers and optimization scenarios, detailed network design, benefit-cost analyses, and implementation roadmaps.

Our Expert: Matthias Vollmert

My work is informed by significant experience in supply chain re-design and optimization. I have undertaken projects across all geographies and in various LSH subsectors including pharma, medical devices, vaccines, biotech, and consumer goods.

No two cases are alike. Different solutions are required for each specific region, every company, and even sometimes for individual patients.

These differences are obvious even on a regional level. While supply chains in the EU are pretty much cost-optimized these days, and questions tend to be more around using the supply chain for competitive advantage (for example, to foster sales through perfect lead times), companies in APAC usually focus on establishing the most cost-efficient routes to market. In Africa, it is different again – often the challenge is to actually reach the patient with all the right conditions and within the right timeframes.

I’ve discovered that the most successful customized solutions incorporate lessons learnt from benchmarking and best practices in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry and often also from companies in other sectors.  

The right solution for your organization, for your customers, and for your patients around the corner or across the globe requires an individual approach to supply chain optimization.

I am fascinated by the pursuit of affordable, available treatments and the end goal of saving lives.
Matthias Vollmert, Vice President and Partner DHL Consulting

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