Our skilled and singularly motivated business advisors combine multifaceted experiences in business, logistics and consulting with an extraordinary ability to collaborate with colleagues and customers around the corner and across the globe. For each DHL Consulting assignment, the best-fit advisor is selected to ensure that we always deliver solutions of the highest caliber.


Highly-skilled advisors

To address your business challenges requires expertise. When DHL Consulting selects a consulting team for you, we make sure that team has the experience required to do the job. We bring together the right mix of skills for an innovative, workable solution.

All of our consultants have outstanding academic and professional records, and most have prior external work experience. They also command critical abilities such as communication skills, business acumen, and an ability to work both abstractly and on a detailed operational level.

In addition, all projects are overseen by one of our senior partners. These partners possess substantial experience in diverse business challenges and in countless projects, close relations with senior managers at the Deutsche Post DHL Group, and an intimate knowledge of the latest developments in the logistics industry.


  • Sabine Müller

    „I have been dedicated to the logistics sector for close to two decades. Over the years, I have held various positions in strategy, corporate organization, and consulting. Today with my team at DHL Consulting, I am passionate about guiding global logistics leaders, their organizations and their customers to resolve challenges in logistics and the supply chain. None of us can ignore the extreme transformation occurring in this field – leaders must rethink ways of doing business.”

    CEO DHL Consulting, Executive Vice President

  • Matthias Vollmert

    „My work is informed by significant experience in supply chain re-design and optimization. I have undertaken projects across all geographies and in various LSH subsectors including pharma, medical devices, vaccines, biotech, and consumer goods.

    I am fascinated by the pursuit of affordable, available treatments and the end goal of saving lives.”

    Vice President and Partner DHL Consulting


DHL Consulting plays a unique dual role, independently delivering objective advice to the business units of Deutsche Post DHL Group, as well as to external clients, mostly in collaboration with DHL Supply Chain. In either case, our objectivity is one of our strengths. Group-internal clients benefit from our wide-reaching consulting and industry expertise, while external clients profit from our insider knowledge of world-class logistics operations.

In addition, we also rely on a number of important strategies to provide the best service. These include:

  • Knowledge management
    We keep our knowledge flowing through our organization, so that everyone benefits from the expertise gained in projects while at the same time ensuring strict client confidentiality.

  • Network and resources
    We mine our extensive network for further data on topics and trends, and utilize top tools for data analysis, benchmarking and market research.

  • Project management
    All DHL Consulting teams have a proven project process in place to guarantee high quality results.

  • Customer proximity
    Our teams are always close to their customers. Based out of four strategically placed global offices, our consultants frequently work on-site at diverse customer locations around the globe.

Our outstanding expertise in management consulting is rooted in our never-ending improvement of our methods and tools, as well as in our continuous commitment to train our consultants. We are anchored in logistics expertise due to our close connection to Deutsche Post DHL Group, but we can only deliver consistent quality through optimal teamwork with each other – and with our customers.

Alexander Schmitz-Hübsch, Partner DHL Consulting