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Here is what we look for in successful candidate.

Be yourself and give us a chance to get to know you. And use the chance to get to know us as well.

Roland Wrede

Head of HR and COO, Bonn

Fertile grounds

For open and intelligent minds

We look for a unique combination of analytical and communicative skills. No matter what you’ve studied, we require a first-rate academic record and a passion for delivering excellent results.

Ideally, you’ve already proven your analytical and problem-solving skills in internships, extra-curricular activities and – if applicable to you - your work experience. Given our global scope, international experience is a must, and it’s equally important to be very confident in your ability to use English for business. German language skills, however, are not required at any of our locations

Over the course of your career with us, you’ll encounter a wide range of clients and colleagues, and may experience international travel. Any additional qualifications you hold will also score extra points.

For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions.

I consider a candidate as a whole person. As a former Project Manager and the current head of human resources, I believe it always pays off to be yourself and express your ideas openly – not only in the recruiting process, but also in your future development at DHL Consulting.
Roland Wrede, Head of HR and COO, Bonn

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