Excellent consulting, worldwide

At DHL Consulting, we are proud to be part of Deutsche Post DHL Group, supplying them with creative ideas and strategic insight – and providing external customers a unique combination of management and supply chain consulting services. It is our ambition to help all customers improve their business and forge the future of logistics.


Our customers – both Deutsche Post DHL Group and its customers – number among the most important international companies in the world. Deutsche Post DHL Group, for example, is present in 220 countries and territories. We believe that excellent consulting requires a thorough understanding of individual regions and countries.

As a result, we have established offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific to serve our clients on-site wherever they are. Our international locations – in Germany, the USA, Singapore and China – help us ensure a global reach and an international perspective.

Our four global offices help ensure that our consultants are never too far from where they are needed, limiting travel time for our consultants and travel expense for our clients.


European Headquarters: Supporting top management, divisions and clients

The DHL Consulting head office was established in 1999 in Bonn, Germany. The location provides top-level support to the Deutsche Post DHL Group’s executive management, divisions and external clients. It manages projects in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Being located next to the headquarters of the leading postal and logistics company in the world provides a unique opportunity. We support top management in developing strategies to ensure the future success of the Group and leverage the full potential of the business. From our office in Bonn, we also manage regional projects, covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Sabine Müller, Executive Vice President and Head of DHL Consulting


Serving the Americas: Consulting for North, Central and South America

The office in Plantation (near Miami), Florida, USA was opened in 2005. It provides comprehensive consulting expertise to North, South and Central America.

Our very international team in Plantation/Miami offers services to all business units throughout the entire Americas region. The challenges facing the countries and entities there are very heterogeneous, ranging from turnaround cases to market entry strategies. Most of our clients are headquartered in Florida, limiting travel times and leaving more room to support our clients.

Lars Dzedek, Partner and Head of DHL Consulting Americas


Dynamic South East Asia: Serving the entire Asia-Pacific region

The Singapore office was set up back in 2005 to be closer to the DHL Asia Pacific management team and focus on expanding the DHL Consulting business in this dynamic region.

Our diverse team of consultants represents more than seven different nationalities. We are based out of Singapore yet work on projects across the entire region. We’re involved in a great variety of topics, some are highly strategic, some are more operational in nature. The number of strategic supply chain consulting projects for DHL customers is currently on the rise.

Stephen Fung, Partner and Head of DHL Consulting Asia Pacific


The booming Chinese market: Local expertise for Greater China

The Shanghai office opened in 2010 to cover Greater China, better serve Deutsche Post DHL Group’s local business and develop in-market expertise to meet the unique needs of the Chinese market.

Since its inception, the Shanghai office has grown to include a small team of Chinese-speaking consultants with international experience to meet the needs of Greater China. There is a truly entrepreneurial spirit in the Shanghai office. Our consultants from both Asia-Pacific offices (Shanghai and Singapore) work together closely and are well integrated within the global DHL Consulting network.

Stephen Fung, Partner and Head of DHL Consulting Asia Pacific