Balancing economic, social and environmental goals

As part of the new Strategy 2020, Deutsche Post DHL Group aims to become a benchmark company for responsible business, while maintaining the overarching goal of being a Provider, Employer and Investment of Choice in the logistics industry.


Deutsche Post DHL Group’s environmental protection program

According to the so-called “shared value approach”, a company’s contribution to society and environmental protection also enhances its business success. The concept of shared value plays an important role in all of Deutsche Post DHL Group’s environmental protection activities.

The Group’s climate protection target calls for an improvement in carbon efficiency of 30% by 2020, over the 2007 baseline. In order to reach this target, measures have been developed that improve the carbon efficiency of air and road transport, as well as buildings and facilities. The approach ensures environmental responsibility and strengthens market positioning at the same time.


Deutsche Post DHL Group owes its success to the commitment, creativity and expertise of approximately 480,000 employees around the world. Their high level of motivation can be attributed to a corporate culture founded on openness, trust and mutual respect. Future-oriented and sustainable human resource development is Deutsche Post DHL Group’s key to ensuring long-term business success, in addition to ensuring an attractive work environment free from prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping.


As a registered signatory, Deutsche Post DHL Group embraces the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact, which serve as the basis of all Corporate Responsibility policies and guidelines. Corporate governance, however, is not simply a uniform, international set of rules. While there are certain internationally recognized common principles, corporate governance is defined by a specific country’s understanding of responsible company management.

The principles of the Group’s corporate governance are anchored in the German Corporate Governance Code. The Code aims at ensuring transparent rules of corporate management and supervision, the intent being to increase confidence in corporate management at German companies.


The strategic goal behind the corporate citizenship program is to leverage the company’s core competencies and employee expertise to make a positive contribution to society and the environment. Corporate citizenship activities are designed to make an effective, long-term impact, and are an integral part of Deutsche Post DHL Group’s corporate strategy.

The GoHelp program helps improve logistics management practices at airports in disaster-prone regions and provides logistics support when disaster strikes. The GoTeach program effects lasting change by improving educational opportunities and employability for young people around the world. Deutsche Post DHL Group also supports a wide range of social and environmental community projects with strong employee involvement.