Facilitating collaboration

When great minds meet

Teamwork is the building block of our consulting approach. We know from experience about the potential of teamwork to develop superior solutions. Constant interaction within our teams also makes them fast and efficient.

Working together

Teamwork that deserves its name

A good team is more than just the sum of its parts. At DHL Consulting, we put strong emphasis on collaboration both within our teams as well as with the members of our client’s team.

In countless projects we have seen that the key to success was to join forces with the client team and develop a solution for the business – with the business. It only makes sense. The close collaboration with our client’s experts ensures that the solutions we develop are close to their business and viable.

A further advantage of our collaborative team approach is that it fosters trust with the client team and within our own team as well.

Tools to boost team productivity

To help ensure that our teams collaborate efficiently, we have a broad range of processes and management tools for our project managers, e.g. expectations talks at the start of each project with the assignment manager, or team contract discussions where the team as a whole agrees on their mode of working.

We train consultants to give and receive constructive feedback – also from our clients and their teams. During the project, our teams conduct team discussions frequently, for example, to organize their overall project work or to challenge the project direction and each other’s work results.



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