It’s all about the people

Valuing the differences

Respect and appreciation of the unique characteristics of each individual are the prerequisites to enabling people to live up to their full potential. At DHL Consulting we believe that diversity enriches the team experience, its performance and the overall quality of the solutions our teams develop.

Individuality first

Naturally mixed

At DHL Consulting, we have very diverse teams. Our consultants come from 25 different countries. With our largest office in Germany, many of our colleagues are German, but we are proud that over 1/3 of our colleagues have an international background. This internationality, along with global customers & projects, make a strong command of Business English a prerequisite for working with us. German language skills, on the other hand, are not required.

We make sure to pay special attention to diversity when hiring new colleagues. Whatever their cultural heritage, ethnicity, or gender, what’s really common amongst our consultants is that they all hold university degrees in their field of study.

Of course, we do not only seek people that are smart, but who also enrich our perspective and our team as a whole. We also cater to family needs wherever we can, for example, by offering individual working models for women with children.

It’s all about the people

Why diversity matters

Diverse groups foster a tolerant, open and creative atmosphere, where there is more of an emphasis on collaboration, fresh ideas and personal growth. In general, they are also more flexible to adapt to fast changing market and project requirements.

The solutions that diverse teams develop have the potential to be more innovative, because diversity is a source of great ideas. When people from multiple cultural backgrounds and different working styles work on a common task, they find solutions in a more productive way – and test them in more dimensions than a less diverse group.

That’s why there is a unique spirit to all teams at DHL Consulting. They follow a highly collaborative working style, in which respect and appreciation for each member’s unique characteristics is an important success factor – be it with the objective of integrating new team members or the close collaboration with experts from the client team.

It’s all about people. It’s all about diversity.


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