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Improving supply chain performance is an essential component of ensuring customer satisfaction and gaining a competitive advantage. DHL Consulting can support country turnarounds, quality improvements, supply chain revitalizations, and much more.

Performance measures

The right choices for your company

Supply chain performance is ultimately about providing your customer with the right product, in the right place, at the right time. Aligning your inventory and positioning to defined service levels is key to ensuring your customers are completely satisfied – every day.

The relative importance of different supply chain performance measures – such as speed, reliability, flexibility and sustainability – depends on your industry and products. If you are in fashion, for example, speed-to-market is important, while reliability is paramount for automotive companies.

We analyze your supply chain based on your product portfolio to help you identify and balance the differing performance requirements for various segments, for example high-value and low-value goods.

Industry benchmark comparison

Measuring current performance against industry benchmarks helps an organization identify opportunities for improvement. Benchmarking to best-in-class performers typically allows companies to attain 5-10% in savings.

DHL Consulting can perform a benchmark analysis to compare your supply chain to baseline performance. We quickly and effectively evaluate your organization’s performance, identifying both strengths and performance gaps and elaborate actionable recommendations for improvements.

Cost-effective network enhancement

Improving your performance can be done in parallel to meeting cost targets, a double-edged approach to increased competitiveness. We can conduct a network design analysis to identify transportation and distribution center models that result in both customer service-level improvements and optimization of your entire supply chain.

For example, we helped a leading telecommunications network provider attain transportation cost savings of 16% while meeting customer demands for complete order fulfillment by using a shipment and inventory consolidation hub.

At DHL Consulting, we are always looking for ways to improve performance – even in projects that have not revealed any performance issues. Our track record of making a measurable and sustainable impact on quality and cost is the foundation of our success.
Konrad Grunewald, Associate Partner DHL Consulting

Supporting intelligent growth

Focusing on the right topics

DHL Consulting has been supporting growth in a wide range of topics for Deutsche Post DHL Group businesses.

  • Go-to-market strategies: e.g. supporting the automotive industry in China

  • Addressing new customer segments in established markets: e.g. helping DHL Global Forwarding and DHL EXPRESS better address small and medium enterprises

  • Innovation roll-out: e.g. setting up the DHL Innovation Center; rolling out the Packstation (keycard-accessible delivery lockers) outside Germany

  • Product development support: e.g. launching Secure Ocean Freight, standardized Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) solutions

  • Designing customer supply chains to enable growth: e.g. moving from a traditional retail store distribution network to a mixed channel supply chain including eCommerce

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